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Sex Ed Curriculum

Many parents wonder what is being taught in 

K-12 Sex Education. Are the schools across the country really teaching Gender Ideology and showing pornographic material in the classroom?

Moms for Liberty Broward submitted a

Public Records request with the assistance of Florida Citizens Alliance to find out the answer to that question.

Our findings are quite disturbing. Please browse through for yourself to see the content in the Broward County Public Schools

Sex Ed Curriculum. 

Advocates for Youth

Rights, Respect, Responsibility: A K-12 Curriculum

3R's All Lesson Plans

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"Child grooming refers to an act of deliberately establishing an emotional connection with a child to prepare the child for child abuse."


The language that is used in these lessons are grooming children from kindergarten to believe that gender is fluid and that basic biology is not difinitive. It encourages adults, that are not the parent or guardian, to engage in sexual conversations with minors as early as 5 years old.

The powerpoint images as well as the books corresponding to the lessons

are graphic and explicit. Again, it portrays the idea that children and adults

can view and interact with sexual material.

The curriculum introduces language and content that grooms children

to base gender on feelings. To confuse children about gender, coax them to believe a false reality and expose them to pornographic information without parental consent is

child abuse. 


*QUOTED EXAMPLE- Grade 2, Lesson 1:

"You will notice that this lesson refers to “girls” and “boys” when 
identifying body parts. The use of a binary construct of gender as 
well as using gender (boys and girls) rather than the more accurate 
biological sex (male and female) is purposeful given the developmental stage of students. Lessons in higher grades use more precise language and begin to introduce a broader concept of gender. This lesson does, however, acknowledge that “there are some body parts that mostly just girls have and some parts that mostly just boys have. Being a boy or a girl doesn’t have to mean you have those parts, but for most people this 
is how their bodies are.” And, “Most people have a vulva and a vagina or a penis and testicles but some people’s bodies can be different. Your body is exactly what is right for you.”

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Book Images of:

"It's Not the Stork"
Kindergarten curriculum recommendation.

"My Princess Boy"
a 1st Grade required book
for lesson 2.

And "It's Perfectly Normal" 
4th Grade

recommended resource.

What does the Law say?

Comprehensive Health Education

Health Education provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to be healthy throughout their lifetime. The intent of a comprehensive health education program is to motivate students to maintain and improve their health, prevent disease, and avoid or reduce health related risk behaviors.

Comprehensive health education addresses 14 component areas under Florida State Statute 1003.42 (2)(n) - Required Instruction.

Grades K-12

  • Community health

  • Consumer health

  • Environmental health

  • Family life

  • Mental and emotional health

  • Injury prevention and safety

  • Internet safety

  • Nutrition

  • Personal health

  • Prevention and control of disease

  • Substance use and abuse

  • Prevention of child sexual abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking

Grades 6-12

  • Awareness of the benefits of sexual abstinence as the expected standard and the consequences of teenage pregnancy

Grades 7-12

  • Teen dating violence


Parental Rights in Education Bill - HB1557

Required Health Education Instruction - HB519

According to the State of Florida and the Florida Department of Education, the Sex Education curriculum being used in Broward County elementary schools is not required and is also against the law. 

Action Plan

Step 1: Talk to your kids.

Step 2: Contact your District School Board Member.

Put pressure on BCPS to remove this curriculum.

Step 3: If no response, contact FLDOE.

Step 4: Raise awareness and Opt Out of Sex Ed classes.

Step 5: Keep fighting & stay involved.

Currently waiting to know if legal action can be taken.

If you have any additional information or advice that may be helpful, please contact us. 

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