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Moms for Liberty created a foundation called Moms for Libraries. Acknowledging the crisis across our nation with inappropriate reading material and the attack on innocent minds, Moms for Libraries is making a difference. They have partnered with several publishers that are dedicated to helping children gain access to educational and traditional literature. These publishers have generously donated books to Moms for Liberty Chapters all across the United States.


In Broward County we are working to help get these books into our elementary schools libraries and classrooms. Below are the titles of the books we currently have from the publishers referenced. In addition to these wonderfully authored and illustrated books, we are also accepting donations of gently used, appropriate books from our community members. 

If you would like to participate in helping this cause or would like to make a donation of books, please contact us for more information.

Participating Publishers:

Brave Books, the American Cornerstone Institute, Heroes of Liberty, Good & True Media and The Tuttle Twins.​

Brave Books

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Good and True Media


American Cornerstone Institute

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The Tuttle Twins


Discount Codes!

In addition to the book donations, Some of these publishers are offering discounts on orders. 

-Brave Books Donation Project is offering 10% off of any order. Promo Code: MOMSFORLIBERTY for 10% off

-Tuttle Twins Books Donation Project is offering 40% off when you log on and sign up via email. 

Promo Code: MOMSFORLIBERTY for 40% off

-Heroes of Liberty Donation Project  is offering 15% of all books and subscriptions. 

Promo Code: MOMS4LIBERTY for 15% off

Click the links to their websites to check out their products and stock up on some amazing books for your family to enjoy at home!

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