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Critical Race Theory

If you're wondering what is happening in our society and within the school system, we have compiled information and resources for you. We strongly encourage you to do your own informative research to gain a deeper understanding and even become an expert on the topic. If you find yourself in a conversation on education, it is crucial for you to be able to explain and educate others on this ideology and indoctrination. 

CRT: Brief Overview

Critical Race Theory is Race Marxism. CRT applies the Marxist theory to race and claims that every cultural inequity is due to a racist system controlled by white supremacists. It seeks to permanently identify the oppressed verses the oppressor. If you are black or a minority, you are oppressed and if you are white you are an oppressor. The belief is if people can obtain consciousness that they are inherently racist, eventually we will reach this utopian society of equity & inclusion and eliminate racism all together.

"The truth is simple: Critical Race Theory is Race Marxism, that is Marxian Theory reinvented with race as 'the central construct for understanding inequality' in place of economic class."

- James Lindsay

Your Kids Go to Paulo Freire's Marxist Schools

Paulo Freire was a Brazilian, Marxist Educator and Liberation Theologian who ruined education in South & North America. Schools have essentially become thought reform camps.

 Listen to the New Discourses podcast for more information. 

Paulo Freire believed the point of education is to awaken a critical consiousness which is Marxist political literacy which will be done at the expense of general literacy or academic mastery.

Why is this a problem?

For starters, there is no factual evidence to prove or confirm this theory. It is racist, it works against itself and it will never achieve the goal it claims to desire. 

Additionally, critical race theory pins friends and family members against one another. It breeds hate, resentment and chaos. We will never be a unified society if children are taught to resent each other because of their skin color.

Moreover, it develops activists who hate America and believe it was founded on white supremacy. CRT does not teach factual history but instead alters historical events and information to further push an idelogical & political agenda.

This worldview could not be more false and as Americans we should undoubtedly reject this notion. In the United States of America, the land of opportunity, our children need to be taught that they can accomplish anything they work hard for regardless what they look like. Adults and children alike need to understand that equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome. We are all products of our choices.  CRT convinces youth that their worth and achievements solely rely on how anti-racist the culture is. It develops a victimhood mentality that will never produce victors and has no place in any classroom. We are failing the next generation and limiting their success by allowing this ideology to be taught to students.

Is CRT a subject being taught in grade school?

No. It is not its own subject but rather a racial lens in which the subjects are being taught.

Is there evidence of CRT material in Broward County schools?

Unfortunately, yes. We have physical proof. Even though it is illegal in the state of Florida this ideology is still being taught. 

What can I do about this?

Be actively involved with your child(ren) and the school. Get educated on these topics and ask questions and speak to teachers & staff if you come across this material. You can also email your School Board District Rep and the Florida Department of Education. These links are on our Resources Tab for your convenience. Keep in mind the Broward County School Board will deny CRT being in schools however, this is untrue.


Other forms of this ideology include:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)



Critical Theory

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)


Culturally Relevant Teaching

Gender Identity & Gender Ideology

Queer Theory

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Socialist & Marxist Resources in BCPS

Where's the proof?

We have provided the links here for you to

access and research.

Log on to and type in the

search bar "BLM"

The first link will be from Norcrest Elementary is where you will find these resources. 

*There is a link titled "Teaching Tolerance".

In this link on the home page, you can click on

"Get to know our Social Justice Standards". 

The standards for which this website is constructed, comes from the international renowned socialist,

Louise Derman-Sparks.

She was a member of the Socialist Community School and was simpathetic and supportive

of the terrorist, Bill Ayers.


Please dive into research on these individuals.

Ask yourself, why does Broward County have socialist, anti-America resources for educators to access and base their teaching methods off of?

*Read Aloud books -> Black Lives Matter Instructional Library

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