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Challenged Books

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Challenged Books

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Below is a list of books that Moms for Liberty Broward County has challenged and requested to be removed from BCPS libraries. Please be advised that the status of these books are subject to changes and updates. For the most current status of the books, we advise you to utilize the Follet Destiny website.


*Select a book title to view excerpts from the book and to view which

schools it has been found in.*


The Bluest Eye

It's Perfectly Normal -(Removed)


This Day in June -(Removed)

Lawn Boy



Killing Mr. Griffin

Kite Runner

A Day in The Life of Marlon Bundo -(Removed)

This Book Is Gay

Lets Talk About It -(Removed)

Fun Home -(Removed)

Being Jazz

I Am Jazz

Milk and Honey


Ellen Outside The Lines

My Maddy

My Sister Daisy

This One Summer

It's Good to Be Yourself-(No longer available)

Beyond Magenta

Colorful Books

Check The Book List!

Florida Citizens Alliance

is doing an amazing job advocating for improved K-12  education. They have done phenomenal research on books containing pornography or age inappropriate material in Florida schools. We encourage parents to click on this link to view the list of books. 


**2021 Objectionable Materials Report Pornography and Age-Inappropriate Material in Florida Public Schools 

Additional Resource is a website that provides book reviews for parents to make an informed decision about the material their kids have access to. If you want to know content-based information about a specific book, this website

is a great resoure.

Are these books in my child's school?

You may access the Follett Destiny Website to search for specific books in Broward County Schools. You will be able to locate which schools an inappropriate book is located. Here is a guide to assist you in your search if you need it. 

Follett Destiny Search Guide

We advise you to inform your District School Board Member and the Department of Education if you come across a book containing pornography or age-inappropriate material.

Moms for Liberty Broward would greatly appreciate it if you notified us as well for our records.

*Please see the Florida Statutes per the Florida Sunshine Laws.* 

F.S. 841.012 3(b);

F.S. 841.001 6(a-c);

F.S. 1006.34

Moms for Liberty Broward Official Statement

Regarding Challenged Books


Moms for Liberty is dedicated to protecting children and parental rights in education and in all levels of government. Moms for Liberty nationally and locally has never banned any books, we follow the laws that protect children in school. We are challenging the books available to minors without parental knowledge or consent that contain graphic content such as rape, incest, sex and pedophilia. We’ve also challenged inaccurate depictions of history and divisive concepts such as critical race theory. These books do not belong in our K-12 public schools. If a parent chooses to expose their child to these books they are available at the county libraries or they may purchase them elsewhere. 


As an organization, we encourage critics and those that oppose the removal of these books from our public schools to present arguments to the district as to why minors should have access to them without parental consent. Evidence indicates that sexualizing children can destabilize them emotionally, mentally and physically. There are zero benefits and it serves no purpose in fulfilling academic achievement. As adults it is our responsibility to protect our children from both physical and mental harm. Additionally, explicit material in schools violates Florida State Statutes F.S. 841.012 3(b); F.S. 841.001 6(a-c); F.S. 1006.34.


Moms for Libraries is a Moms for Liberty foundation that works to place age appropriate and educational literature into school libraries and classrooms. Several publishers have provided book donations nationwide and we are actively trying to collaborate with the Broward County School Board to place these books in our schools. 


All parents have the right to direct the upbringing and education of their children. They have the right to know what their kids have access to on school campuses. The initiative to protect the innocence of children and to advocate for parental rights is a non-partisan one. 

Moms for Liberty Broward County

Executive Board & Committee Chairs

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