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Where to Submit a request:

Each federal agency handles its own records in response to requests. However, if you are planning to submit a public records request to Broward County Public Schools you can submit it to the information below.

  • Requel L. Bell, Clerk Specialist B- Confidential

      Risk Managment Dept. 

      Public Records Office

      Aston Henry, Jr., Director

  • 600 SE 3rd Ave, 11th Floor

      Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

The Freedom of Information Act 

Public Records Request

The purpose of a FOIA request to ensure that information to the public is rightfully accessible from any Federal Agency. 

Click here to access  for more information & to see if filing a FOIA request is the right option for you.

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Did you know?

You can file a FOIA request to have records of government employee emails, federal agency records or funding, policy drafts, etc.

Congress established 9 exemptions from disclosure for certain categories of information to protect against certain harms, such as an invasion of personal privacy, or harm to law enforcement investigations.

You can view those here under "What are FOIA exemptions?"

Ethics Complaint

ethic : noun eth·​ic | \ ˈe-thik  \

Definition of ethic

1a: a set of moral principles : a theory or system of moral values

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