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Call To Action: BCPS Sex Education Opposition Letter

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Florida Department of Education Office of K-12 Public Schools

Manny Diaz, Jr., Commissioner

325 West Gaines Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400

Phone: 850-245-0505

Subject: Opposition to Broward County School Board's New Sexual Education Curriculum

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the recent decision by the Broward County School Board to approve a new sexual education curriculum for grades K-12. My primary concerns are the curriculum's incorporation of gender ideology and explicit descriptions of sexual activities, which do not align with state standards and has harmful consequences for our students. This curriculum goes against both the Parental Rights in Education Act HB1557 and the HB1069 Education Bill. As a concerned parent and advocate for age-appropriate and fact-based education, I am deeply troubled by this development and I find it essential to voice my objections.

The inclusion of gender identity and gender fluidity in the curriculum raises concerns regarding its alignment with Florida's state standards and guidelines for education. I firmly believe that educational materials should be based on empirical facts and scientific consensus. However, the curriculum appears to promote subjective and ideologically driven content that may not align with the values of our local community and the rights of parents. Gender ideology is a contentious and divisive topic and it provides no academic benefit to our students.

Additionally, the explicit nature of certain lessons poses questions that may not be developmentally appropriate for minors especially those in lower grade levels, thus necessitating a reconsideration of its contents and approach. As the primary stakeholders, parents have the right to direct the education and values that are imparted to their children in school. Including the development of these curricula. Ideally, parents and legal guardians should have the option to opt in versus the current default option which is to opt out if the content does not align with their beliefs or their children's readiness.

I kindly request that the Florida Department of Education conducts a thorough review of the Broward County School Board's Sex Education curriculum, with a specific focus on its alignment with state standards and its adherence to the principles of evidence-based education. It is vital that our children receive accurate, age-appropriate, and objective information to be successful academically. I appreciate your attention to this matter and your commitment to upholding the integrity of education in our state. I hope that, together, we can ensure that the curriculum respects the principles, rights, and concerns of parents and our children.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]

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